Anti-Racism Commission

The mission of the Anti-Racism Commission, structures, policies and practices is to systematically perpetuate the anti-racist identity we claim in Baptism. The Diocese’s Anti-Racist way of living together through values

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Board of Consultation

We are the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement. We have one purpose: To form people as disciples of Jesus Christ so that they can participate in God’s mission of

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Board of Missions

The Board of Missions, under the guidance of the Bishop, is entrusted with oversight of the missions of the Diocese. All missions are contacted annually by Board of Missions liaisons

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Commission on Black Ministry

The Commission on Black Ministry was chartered in 2015 with priorities to include assessment and support for the unique needs of the historically Black congregations including the development of vocations

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LGBTQ Commission

At our Diocesan Convention in March 2021, Bishop Stokes announced a restart of the LGBTQ Commission. There is much work to be done as we strive together to “respect the

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Music & Liturgy Commission

The Bishop’s Advisory Committee for Liturgy and Music exists to facilitate creation of and participation in diocesan Liturgy and Music. Members meet to provide diverse diocesan-wide standard and unique liturgies

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Retired Clergy and Spouses

The ministry to the retired clergy, their spouses and the widows/ers of clergy is a ministry of our diocese of fellowship, mutual support and caring for the more than 125

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Union of Black Episcopalians

The Union of Black Episcopalians engages itself as a transforming agent committed to the eradication of every vestige of racism within the Episcopal Church, in all forms in which it

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