Music & Liturgy Commission

The Bishop’s Advisory Committee for Liturgy and Music exists to facilitate creation of and participation in diocesan Liturgy and Music. Members meet to provide diverse diocesan-wide standard and unique liturgies for various seasons and events throughout the year. Members can also serve as consultants in this area to churches across the diocese.

2021 Membership

  • The Rt. Rev. Bishop William “Chip” Hallock Stokes – Chair
  • The Rev. Canon Valerie Balling – Co-chair
  • The Rev. Philip Carr-Jones
  • The Rev. Dr. Kent Walley
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Martin Oguike
  • The Very Rev. Dr. Caroline Carson


Available for purchase through Church Publishing, Episcopal Bookstore, and other booksellers. The Hymnal 1982 contains the collections of hymns authorized for use in the Episcopal Church.

  • Supplements to the Hymnal 1982
  • Lift Every Voice and Sing II
  • Come Celebrate! A Hymnal Supplement
  • El Himnario
  • Wonder, Love, and Praise
  • Songs for Celebration
  • Voices Found



To legally reprint music in your bulletins, you must have a reprint license. To legally broadcast copyrighted music, poetry, art, books, movies, plays, etc in your live-streamed services, you must have a streaming license or use music in the public domain. Please read this document regarding U.S Copyright Issues Related to Live Streamed Music. Also, refer to the Caffeinated Church’s Streaming Copyright Guide.

  • Purchase a license:
    • OneLicense catalog includes The Hymnal 1982 and other hymnals authorized by the Episcopal Church
    • CCLI has a catalog of over 300,000 Christian songs
    • ASCAP – The American Society for Composers, Authors, and Publishers
    • CCS has a catalog of over 17 million songs and covers both secular and Christian songs from all genres.
For questions or additional information, please contact The Rev. Canon Valerie Balling.