Union of Black Episcopalians

The Union of Black Episcopalians engages itself as a transforming agent committed to the eradication of every vestige of racism within the Episcopal Church, in all forms in which it displays itself be it institutional, attitudinal, intentional or unintentional racism. The core mission continues to be the full involvement and inclusion of Black people [and all people of color] who have been historically marginalized in the total life of the Episcopal Church at every level and in every way. The Union is committed to translating these words into Christian action for all Episcopalians and at all levels of the church.

On August 24, 1984, this UBE chapter was named in memory and thanksgiving for the leadership and service of the Reverend Earl B. Scott.

Join us on the third Saturday of each month for our monthly meeting. We currently meet at 1:00 pm (ET) by Zoom. Contact our chapter president Ms. Linda Shomo. Visit our national website at and our chapter website at for more information.