Board of Consultation

We are the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement. We have one purpose: To form people as disciples of Jesus Christ so that they can participate in God’s mission of reconciliation in the world.

The Diocese helps individual congregations serve this purpose as a unifying force within the state of New Jersey, developing programs and ministries that individual congregations are unable to maintain on their own.

At the 2017 convention, we as a diocese committed to the mutual support of our mission as defined in the five Marks of Mission. This was further ratified at the 2018 convention when this commitment was codified in our canons. This included setting a minimum level of financial support each individual congregation should provide to aid our collective ministries through the diocese. In the past, this suggested commitment was optional. Beginning in 2020, this support will be mandatory.

However, because some congregations are not yet able to meet this mutual commitment, the diocese also created the Board of Consultation to help congregations plan a path to eventually do so. The board has the authority to adjust the amount of the asking so that congregations working toward their full commitment are meeting their commitment during the transition.

While the mutual commitment does not become effective until 2020, we invite all congregations who are not able to meet this commitment to begin working with the Board of Consultation now. To begin the consultation process, complete the following application:

Board of Consultation Application




Vanessa Doman – St. Mark’s, Plainfield


The Rev. Ellen Rutherford – Church of the Resurrection, Bridgeton

Recording Secretary:

Mr. Paul Bell  – St. Matthew’s, Pennington

Standing Members:

The Rev. Juan Monge – All Saints, Lakewood
Mr. William Nesbitt – St. Luke’s, Metuchen
Mr. Paul Wolfgang – Holy Trinity, Collingswood
Ms. Michelle Smith-Crona – All Saints, Scotch Plains
Mr. Ralph Lombardo – St. Mark and All Saints, Galloway
The Rev. Clive Sang, Dcn. – St. Mark’s, Plainfield
The Rev. Justin Falciani – Christ Church, Somers Point

Ex-officio Members:

The Rt. Rev. William H. Stokes – 12th Bishop, Diocese of New Jersey
Canon Phyllis Jones – Chief Operating Officer, Diocese of New Jersey

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