Retired Clergy and Spouses

The ministry to the retired clergy, their spouses and the widows/ers of clergy is a ministry of our diocese of fellowship, mutual support and caring for the more than 125 clergy and their families who have served the Diocese of New Jersey. Many still live in the diocese but many are also living in other states as near as Delaware and eastern Pennsylvania and as far as Florida and the New England states. Additionally, this ministry includes clergy, spouses and widows/ers from other dioceses who have retired to New Jersey and are living in the Diocese of New Jersey—almost 250 persons in all according to the national Episcopal Church.

The retired clergy, spouses and widows/ers gather four times a year, usually on the Wednesdays of the four seasonally Ember Days, for a luncheon and a program in the Bishop Matthews Conference Room at the Diocesan House in Trenton. Coordinating the luncheons and ministering to the retired clergy and their families is the Diocesan Chaplain to the Retired Clergy, The Rev. Robert Legnani. He is assisted by Convocational Chaplains for the eight convocations of the diocese including:

Lee and Nancy Powers       Atlantic Convocation
Alan Salmon                         Burlington Convocation
Patrick and Diane Close     Camden Convocation
Mark Van Sant                      Monmouth Convocation
Position open                       Northern Convocation
Karin Mitchell                       Trenton Convocation
Ann Holt                                Watchung Convocation
Brian Burgess                       Woodbury Convocation
A publication of the Church Pension Group describes the ministry to the retired clergy, spouses and surviving spouses as “Caring for our Treasures.” We are proud that this ministry receives the full interest and support of the Episcopal Church and our own Bishop Chip Stokes.
For more information, please contact The Rev. Robert Legnani.