Covid-19 Resources

Task Force urges caution with the rise of COVID-19 Delta variant infections

The COVID-19 Reentering, Reopening, Reimagining (RRR) Task Force called by Bishop Stokes has developed guidelines and advice as our church buildings move through the phases of re-opening. The Task Force issued its initial report on June 5, 2020. That report has now been replaced by a new one dated May 28, 2021. 

Due to the pervasiveness of the Delta variant, the Task Force encourages local congregations to use the May 14 guidelines as a reference to make the best decisions to safeguard the health of their members and community, acknowledging that those guidelines were written before widespread availability of vaccines. Decisions now should be influenced by the most current scientific research, which allows for less restrictions for those fully vaccinated while also protecting those too young or medically unable to be vaccinated. Members of the Task Force are available to talk with any congregation that has questions about implementing the COVID-19 guidelines.

Download the May 14 Guidelines