Constitution and Canons

The Constitution of the Diocese of New Jersey sets forth the basic structures for governance for the Diocese by its annual Diocesan  Convention. The Constitution provides for the meetings of the Convention, its officers, and basic rules, such as how to admit new parishes, how to choose deputies to the triennial General Convention of the Episcopal Church, and for electing Bishops.  Amendments to the Constitution require approval by two successive Diocesan Conventions, so it is not often amended.
The Canons of the Diocese of New Jersey flesh out details as to how the Convention meets, establishes various committees and other organizations, provides for the funding of the Diocese, sets rules for the governance of individual congregations in the Diocese, and rules for clergy.  Canons can be amended by any Diocesan Convention.
At the end of the file for the Constitution and Canons are various New Jersey statutory provisions that also govern the organization, governance, and property rights of individual congregations as part of the New Jersey religious corporation statutes.