Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

AA hotline: 1-800-245-1377
Drugs help line: 1-800-601-7202

Welcome to the Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey (CADA), previously known as Recovery Ministries.  CADA is comprised of clergy and lay people in recovery from both alcohol and drug abuse and those who have experienced the trauma of close relationships with an alcoholic or drug abuser. We are eager to spread the Good News of the transformative power of God’s love through recovery.

Our group seeks to create a Diocesan culture of welcome, care, knowledge, and resources for those who live with substance abuse, their families who need strength for the work of recovery and those who may just be recovery-curious.  We work with parishes and individuals in the Diocese to provide resources, information and assistance by means of the following:

  • Members of CADA, with contact information.
  • “Partnership for the Creation of Recovery Sundays.” Recovery Sundays feature a special liturgy built around the 12-Step approach to sobriety, suitable for a Sunday (or other) service in individual parishes. We will provide a knowledgeable preacher, special service leaflet and educational materials as well as assistance in planning the day.  Contact CADA Chairperson by email or phone (732) 778-7685.
  • The Diocese of New Jersey “Policy on the Use of Alcohol at Church Functions.” This policy is meant to encourage a more welcoming climate at parish gatherings for those who live with substance abuse and to minimize the service and use of alcohol within our congregations.
  • Coming Soon! The Resource Guide for Clergy entitled Addictions, the Misuse of Alcohol and Drugs.  This book, written for our Diocese by CADA at the request of Bishop Stokes, provides common sense, readable information and a compendium of New Jersey resources to assist in identifying and dealing with a drug or alcohol problem in a parishioner or a family member.
  • CADA presence at Diocesan Conventions to offer an array of educational materials and resources for congregations, clergy and lay leadership to address issues of substance abuse and recovery.
  • Periodic workshops which address issues related to substance abuse and recovery. For example, CADA has held two workshops in the past two years on the Opioid Crisis, the last one in Fall of 2020 featuring a presentation and visuals by Dr. Arnold M. Washton. This workshop also included a training session on the use of Narcan, a life-saving medication intervention for opioid overdose, given by Neeta O’Mara, PharmD, BCPS, EMT.

For more information, please contact Deacon Cathy Brunson.