Summer Stewardship Series: How to Reconnect, Build, & Engage

Welcome to Project Resource’s Summer Stewardship Series. This is the first in a series of six articles this summer. Over the coming weeks, the Project Resource team will be sharing information, tips and links to resources to help prepare you for stewardship season and more. We hope you find this support useful.

Our upcoming August 2022 workshop will develop these and other aspects for your annual stewardship pledge season this fall. Online registration will open in July.

You may also contact us for one to one support to you, your team, vestry or clergy, by emailing us.


Today’s topics, intentionally chosen to be first:

  • keeping in touch and reconnecting
  • building your team

Keeping in Touch and Reconnecting

We hear from you, and see everywhere ourselves, that keeping in touch and reconnecting is a priority. The following four topics may offer you some insights and ideas to consider within your congregation:

Building Your Team

At this stage, you have made a good start. You are praying and acting. Many of you attended our workshop in May. Here in June, you are seeking to build your team and engage volunteers. These may be helpful as you reach out to others:

Why Stewardship?

Stewardship Team

Using Summer Well

Fall Stewardship 2022

Stewardship ultimately is about relationship with God in thanks, and with other people in community. We encourage you to turn to these relationships as you act on the instincts of your heart and even (perhaps especially) as you look for your one next step.

We at Project Resource will be here for these relationships.


Stewardship is giving thanks to God, in community. We give thanks in our prayers for your faithfulness, your thankfulness, and your sense of ministry. These gifts will see us through again and again.

Together in Christ,

Project Resource:
The Stewardship Commission of the Diocese of New Jersey