Keeping in Touch with Parishioners During Covid & Beyond

Sponsored by Project Resource, the Stewardship Commission of the Diocese of New Jersey and supported by our partners at CCS Fundraising, this three-session workshop was held online in March of 2022.

Bringing together experts from inside and outside the diocese in conversation with dozens of congregations, the sessions look at ways to stay engaged with congregations whether we’re able to gather in person or not.

Session 1:  Defining the Need

  1. What does “keeping in touch” with parishioners mean to you?
  2. Where is your church with “keeping in touch”?
  3. How can “keeping in touch” be measured or evaluated?
  4. Case studies
  5. Breakout group discussion

Download the Session 1 Slides

Session 2:  Applying Strategies & Tools for Engagement

  1. “One Struggle, One Success, and One Question”—Building your input into these workshops
  2. Starting with your Parish List …where do you go next to encourage greater church participation?
  3. Congregational Development, with Rev. Canon Dr. Rob Droste+
  4. Re-engaging through New & Pivoted Ministries – In your parish, what new happened, what changed, what stayed the same, what got put on hold? And what comes next?

Download the Session 2 Slides

Session 3:  Continuing to Apply Strategies & Tools for Engagement

  1. Sharing your New & Pivoted Ministries – workshopping your ideas and struggles
  2. When did “Covid Church” online become “Pajama Church” ? 
  3. Extending the Parish List as a ministry tool . . . 
  4. How do we thank people for their time, talents, and treasure? 
  5. Next Steps

Download the Session 3 Slides