Summer Stewardship Series:  Resources? Check!

Browse these sites for inspiration, for encouragement, for video clips, handouts, tidbits of information and more to energize your stewardship program

This is the final message in the series provided by your Project Resource Team in support of your Summer Stewardship planning. Today we point you to online resources offered by TENS: The Episcopal Network for Stewardship and by Project Resource.  Browse the sites for inspiration, for encouragement, for video clips, handouts, samples, tidbits of information, and more to energize your stewardship program.


Today’s topics, intentionally chosen to conclude our series:

  • Online Resources
  • What now? The Case for Support
  • Let’s Go! A Stewardship Checklist

Online Resources

TENS is “an association of church leaders who understand, practice and proclaim God’s call to generosity.”  To paraphrase the TENS website, through the practice of gratitude and generosity, we grow spiritually, more and more into the likeness of the loving, generous God in whose image we are created. TENS creates videos, blog posts, articles, and more covering spirituality, formation, liturgy and best practices for stewardship. You can find those materials here. Most TENS materials are accessible to everyone, but some are available only to members and… the Diocese of New Jersey is a member, so you can browse these offerings, too. The username is 1Peter; the password is James 1:17.

Project Resource is an initiative of The College for Bishops created to change the culture of stewardship throughout The Episcopal Church. Its object is to help congregations come to understand stewardship as a “radical act of reconciliation, a process that can both draw the giver closer to God and repair an unjust world.” Your Project Resource team in the Diocese of New Jersey trains congregational leaders through seminars and workshops, and develops and curates a library of materials to aid congregations. You can find resources developed in the Diocese of New Jersey here. A link to the Episcopal Church-wide Project Resource site is here.

What now? The Case for Support

It’s time now to make your “Case for Support” – the “why” of your stewardship campaign. Your case for support invites the congregation to join in the unique mission and ministry God has entrusted to you. Tell your story. This is the chance to remind the congregation of recent accomplishments, challenges overcome and opportunities that lie ahead. Remind your members that all we have comes from God, and we are called to mirror God’s generosity by our own. Your case for support can be a letter, a pamphlet or brochure mailed to your members, or linked to an email, or a page on your website. We’ve linked some samples below and you can find more through TENS and Project Resource.

Let’s go! 

Summer will be over before we know it. Where are you with your fall plan? Have members of your stewardship team begun planning out specific elements of your fall timeline yet?

Here is a Checklist you may find helpful. You need not check off every item. Rather, start by targeting a few items to check off in each grouping.

We hope you have found the six emails in this summer stewardship series helpful.  You may also contact us for one to one support to you, your team, vestry or clergy, by emailing us at


Together in Christ,

Project Resource:
The Stewardship Commission of the Diocese of New Jersey