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On Sept. 2, 2021, The Right Reverend William H. Stokes, 12th Bishop of New Jersey, called for the election of the 13th Bishop of New Jersey, announcing his intent to retire in June 2023. On this page, you’ll find all the latest news and resources about the process.

The Standing Committee has general oversight responsibility for the election process and is working on retaining a consultant to advise them and the wider diocesan community.

Ms. Valaida Guerrero, member of St. Andrew’s Church in New Providence and a Trustee of the Diocese, will serve as the Chair of the Episcopal Search and Nomination Committee for the election of the 13th bishop.

Election of Bishop
Steve Welch

Mitre on the Move!

Welcome to Mitre on the Move, a fun way for our younger members to remember that our next bishop will soon be elected, and get to wear a really cool

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