Campus Ministries

Many future leaders and influencers of our world come through the university at a time when they are making foundational decisions about life. Episcopal Campus Ministries are there to help them center their lives in Jesus Christ and become people of spiritual substance in a world that is desperately in need of leaders with courage and integrity. As the lives of students are transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we help impact the future of our world.


The Episcopal Church at Princeton


The Episcopal Church at Princeton (ECP) seeks to serve students, faculty, and staff at Princeton University and Princeton Theological Seminary. Together we seek to be a community of faith that embodies and proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ and grows disciples that will be spiritual leaders and influencers for a lifetime. And amidst the rigors and stress of academic life, our community provides a place of spiritual grounding, perspective, and empowerment to navigate the journey ahead. Wherever you are in your life and spiritual journey, come seek and experience God with us! For more info, email us at here or check out our website at


Rowan University


The Episcopal Church at Rowan University is a group of Rowan students, faculty and staff, with the encouragement of a consortium of nearby Episcopal Churches, who seek to live out our calling to be part of the “Jesus movement” on the Rowan Campus. We like to worship, eat, study, play games, watch movies, and generally support one another in all the different ups and downs of college life. We are an open and affirming group, welcoming people of any faith (or non-faith) background. Whoever you are, there’s a place for you at our table!

Follow us on Instagram @tecatru or email for more information!


Rutgers University Canterbury House



All are welcome at The Canterbury House: The Episcopal Chapel and Student Center at Rutgers. No matter your background, we invite you to be…you! We are near the heart of the College Avenue campus in New Brunswick, and we hope your heart will find a home here too. Join us for worship, book and Bible studies, service projects, stay for the food! We know how to have fun too – movie nights, game nights, in both big and small groups. Our Christian faith tells us God’s love does not end at the walls of any particular church, so you may see people of different faiths or no faith at the C House. When we say, “All are welcome,” we mean it! Contact us here.


Rutgers University Camden


St. Paul’s Church in Camden has developed a special relationship with our neighbors at Rutgers Camden. In cooperation with the Nursing School, we staff a health clinic with undergraduate students, who offer care and screening for many conditions faced by those living on the street. This contact leads to many conversations about the precariousness of our homeless and transient populations and the mutual interdependence we have as members of our community. The Honors College at Rutgers has also assumed a large role in our food ministries. On the weeks they help to serve our guests, we have an opportunity to gather and talk about lives lived in transience, what it means for us psychologically and spiritually in engaging our guests in this work and what we can learn as fellow travelers and Christians. Contact us here.