Final Preparations for Candidate Sessions, Electing Convention are Underway

The deadline for deputies to register for the Electing Convention is Jan. 7, and the Election Booklet is now available for download.

During the meet-and-greets, the five candidates to be the 13th Bishop of the Diocese of New Jersey will travel together to five locations around the state—one for clergy only and four for all—to meet in person with congregants and the public. They will not take questions from the floor, but will respond to questions submitted in advance through the NJ Bishop Search Website. All sessions will be available both in person and online, with recordings of all but the clergy session to be posted on the diocesan Web site.

Canonically resident clergy and certified deputies duly appointed to represent their parish or congregation at the Electing Convention must register by Jan. 7. Congregations must also submit the deputies certification form. More information and links are on the diocesan Web site here.

This week, the Election Booklet was posted to the front page of The booklet contains pertinent information on each of the nominees, an Agenda for the Electing Convention, the Electing Convention Rules of Order, and information about the presentation of nominees.

The Nominees for the 13th Bishop of New Jersey are:

  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Dena Cleaver-Bartholomew, Canon to the Ordinary, Diocese of Rhode Island
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Sally French, Canon for Regional Ministry and Collaborative Innovation, Diocese of North Carolina
  • The Very Rev. Troy Mendez, Dean, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Phoenix, Arizona
  • The Rev. Janine Schenone, Rector, Good Samaritan Episcopal Church, San Diego, California
  • The Rev. Dr. Mauricio Jose Wilson, Rector, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Oakland, California

All of this is in anticipation of the Electing Convention scheduled for Jan. 28, in person at Trinity Cathedral and online for registered deputies, and livestreamed to the public at

Visit for more information, including details about each of the candidates and the meet-and-greet sessions.