Control the Email You Receive from the Diocese

Whether you’re getting too much email from the diocese, or you feel you’re missing out on important news, controlling your email preferences is in your hands.

The diocese is trying to segment our email lists to give you better control over the things you want and don’t want to hear about.

You can also specify a language preference or English or Spanish. We will begin offer Spanish-language email soon.

If you’re already a subscriber, find the “Update Your Preferences” link in the bottom of any email sent by the diocese. If you’re not yet a subscriber (or want to add a new address), use the form below to make your preferences known, If you’re already a subscriber and use the form below, you’ll be emailed a link to update your preferences.

We want to make sure you’re getting all the email you want, and only the email you want. Thanks for helping us make that happen.

Diocesan Email Signup Form