Episcopal Community Services

We Are Stronger Together

Episcopal Community Services (ECS-NJ) is a new initiative that focuses on
proactively addressing human needs, such as food and shelter, and
relentlessly working against both social and racial injustice.

We will accomplish these goals by:

1. providing grants to our ministries and projects

2. offering educational and training opportunities

3. opening up crucial connections and networks 

4. advocating for meaningful systemic change

The Latest from ECS-NJ

Changes to the ECS-NJ Grant Process

After a period of discernment and reflection on its first two years of grantmaking, Episcopal Community Services of the Diocese of New Jersey (ECS-NJ) is making significant improvements to its

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Bishop Stokes on ECS

Let’s Put Our Faith into Action

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we share God’s mission of reconciliation, compelling us to change whatever causes the oppression.

Significant challenges and inequities have grown more obvious against the backdrop of COVID-19:

  • – 1.2 + million people are food insecure in NJ. 
  • – Almost 400,000 of them are children.
  • – 300,000 + NJ residents are facing evictions at the end of the moratorium.

Your generous support will guarantee our Diocese the ability to expand our ministries across New Jersey in order to better address the needs of society.  With your support, we will stand up for social justice and overcome the bonds of racism. 

All this is possible if we work together! ECS-NJ will strengthen our ability to focus in a united and coordinated way. Become a Founding Member today by making a sacrificial gift or pledge.

Get Involved

We call upon you to participate in fighting for positive change.

As Episcopalians and the broader New Jersey community, let’s elevate our efforts to pray for justice and get involved in addressing issues of racial inequality and systemic poverty. How You Can Help 
To learn more about how you can become more involved, email us.

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