Ms. Anne Delgado

Delgado Head

Ms. Anne Delgado

Missioner for Lifelong Christian Formation


PO Box 7559
Ewing, NJ 08628

Mrs. Anne Delgado is the Missioner for Lifelong Christian Formation. Anne is a longtime member of St Peter’s Episcopal Church in Freehold, where she serves as the part-time Assistant for Formation and Communications. In the diocese, she is the chair of the Committee on Lifelong Christian Formation. This quarter-time position will build upon work already under way by Anne and other committee members, and provides us with ongoing staff support for children’s and family ministries and for intergenerational Christian education. Anne will continue her work at St. Peter’s while extending her support for Christian Formation ministries at the diocesan level and serving as a resource for congregations and leaders across the Diocese of New Jersey.