List of Diocesan Offices that Still Need Nominations

Contributed by: Canon Paul Ambos, Secretary of Convention

The Nominating Committee has completed its work for the March 9, 2024 Annual Convention and have assembled full slates for most of the offices to be elected.

There remain openings, however, for the following offices:

  • Diocesan Council—Lay
  • Cathedral Chapter—Lay
  • Audit Committee—Clergy or Lay
  • Disciplinary Board—Clergy

Nominations for these and any other of the offices to be filled can be made to Canon Paul Ambos as Secretary of Convention through the diocesan office up until January 24, 2024.  In addition, nominations from the floor can be made for any office in accordance with the Rules of Order.  The Nominating Committee report, including nominations to the Secretary of Convention, will be posted in early February.

Please submit nominations either using this online form or by printing, completing, and mailing this pdf form.

For questions, please email Canon Paul Ambos, Secretary of Convention.