Nominations Open for Next Presiding Bishop

The Nominations Committee searching for candidates to be the next Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church has put out a call for nominations through July 15.

The 10-year term of current Presiding Bishop Michael Curry ends next year. The next presiding bishop is expected to be elected in June 2024 at the General Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, and installed on Nov. 1, 2024.

While anyone may nominate a candidate for presiding bishop, candidates themselves are canonically required to be current members of the House of Bishops and younger than the mandatory retirement age of 72. Nominators must also inform the candidate before submitting a nomination.

In its letter introducing the Profile for the 28th Bishop, the Nominating Committee underscored the importance of the process:

The election of the 28th presiding bishop is a decisive moment for The Episcopal Church. The church faces challenges and opportunities that are unlike anything we have encountered in recent times. As the prophets of old would have put it, “We find ourselves in a strange land.” This profile speaks to many of these challenges and opportunities, and it attempts to describe the presiding bishop that The Episcopal Church seeks for our time and the near future. But as Holy Scripture teaches us time and time again, our Lord has plans for us—plans for “a future with hope.” God is faithful; and for that, we give “most humble and hearty thanks” (Book of Common Prayer, p. 58). Indeed, it is an exciting time for The Episcopal Church.

Nomination Form

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