Invitation to Submit Nominations for Diocesan Offices

Contributed by: The Rev. Dr. Chip Graves, Nominating Committee Chair


August 2023 

To the Clergy and Congregations of the Diocese of New Jersey:  

I would like to call to your attention to the upcoming nominations for the offices at the 2024 Diocesan Convention.

In accordance with Canon 5, Section 3 of the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of New Jersey, a list of the offices to be filled by the election of the 240th Diocesan Convention is provided. In addition, the Nomination Recommendation Form as well as a list of the Nominating Committee members will be available on the Diocesan website.

The Nominating Committee requests that the clergy and lay leadership of each of your churches review the lists of offices to be filled by election, publicize them to their congregations, and recommend candidates appropriate for those offices.  

We continue to be very thankful for those who have served the Diocese in the past and may choose to serve again. We also welcome and encourage those who have not served before to consider serving in one or more of the open positions.

Please complete the Nomination Recommendation Form for persons whom you have recommended or for yourself. Submit it to the address at the bottom of the form or complete it online here by December 31, 2023. Please provide a statement of qualification in 75 words or less (or advise that this will be supplied by the nominee), as this statement is not provided by the committee. All names submitted will be placed in the nomination process and will be subject to confirmation of eligibility. You can make copies of the nomination form. It is also available online at Please make this material known and available to your congregation.

Feel free to contact me or any member of the Nominating Committee with any questions or concerns.  

Thank you for the opportunity to serve. We look forward to assisting you in whatever way possible for this important part of our life in the Diocese of New Jersey.  

Yours In Christ,  

The Rev. Dr. Chip Graves  
Nominating Committee Chair
Diocese of New Jersey