Mitre on the Move!

Contributed by: Education and Communications Subcommittee of the Bishop Search and Nomination Committee

Welcome to Mitre on the Move, a fun way for our younger members to remember that our next bishop will soon be elected, and get to wear a really cool hat!  The bishop’s hat is called a mitre, which is a translation from the Greek word meaning turban.  You may think the bishop is wearing a party hat, a lot like we do when we go to a birthday party.  It’s pointy, like a party hat, and yes, the bishop does wear it on special occasions like during Holy Eucharist!  It’s meant to show us that the bishop was especially selected by God to lead and love us.

As a fun project for our younger population (or really anyone) this summer, we are asking for people to make their own bishop’s mitre! Create it, decorate it, and snap some pictures of you and your mitre and send us the images! Feel free to take it with you and show us what you are doing for fun this summer! We will post them on our website and share some pictures in Good News in the Garden State. More information will be posted on the Bishop Search website.

Below are pictures of our very own Bishop Stokes in his mitre, and The Very Reverend Carly Hughes in hers. She is the Bishop of Newark, the other diocese in the state of New Jersey. Their mitres are beautiful. Will yours be too?

Watch the following videos to get you started creating your very own mitre! Good luck and have fun!


Origami Bishop’s Mitre by Jonathan Graham


Paper Bishop’s Mitre. DIY