Important Information on NJ FamilyCare/Medicaid Eligibility—Please Share!

Contributed by: The Rev. Trisha Thorme, Dcn. ECS-NJ Executive Director

From the ECS-NJ Advocacy Team in collaboration with our partners at LEAMNJ

By next Spring 2.3 million New Jersey residents will need to complete eligibility reviews to determine if they still quality for NJ FamilyCare/Medicaid. During the COVID public health emergency families enrolled in the state’s FamilyCare/Medicaid program for health care did not have to complete any paperwork to stay enrolled, and as of October thousands of New Jerseyans have not completed the renewal process. Current participants in this health insurance plan might have overlooked the postcard or packet they received in the mail about the process. 

The eligibility packet needs to be completed and returned within 30 days and should be returned even if late.  The process is described on this downloadable flyer and help is available at (888) 654-3893. 

Please distribute the flyer widely in your community!

For more information, visit the NJ Department of Human Services website

Download the informational flyer in English and Spanish