237th Diocesan Convention

March 6, 2021

Diocesan Convention is a time when clergy and representatives from around our diocese gather to share in the polity of the Church, upholding the common mission and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. All are welcome to join us as we worship together, conduct business, and listen to presentations. 

Because of the unprecedented pandemic, the 237th Annual Diocesan Convention will be held virtually on Saturday, March 6, 2021.

This page will continue to be updated as new information becomes available. Information from previous Conventions is linked at the bottom of this page.


Nominations from the floor for Virtual Convention

Nominations from the floor at the virtual convention must be pre-filed for submission to the Secretary of Convention no later than a week prior to the opening of the virtual convention – February 26. In addition, the person making the nomination must restate the nomination online when nominations from the floor for the office are invited, and the person nominated must at that time confirm online that they are willing to serve if elected. If the person making the nomination or the nominee who needs to express their willingness to serve are unable to participate in the Zoom meeting, they should email their statement to info@dioceseofnj.org on the day of Convention before the opening of nominations from the floor.

Form for Nomination from the floor for Virtual Convention

For questions, contact:

Canon Paul Ambos, Secretary of Convention
c/o Diocese of New Jersey
808 West State Street
Trenton, NJ 08618

email: pambos@amboslaw.com


Deputies and Alternate Deputies

It is a canonical requirement for all churches to submit the form titled “Lay Deputy Certification.” (updated for 2021) The form can be faxed emailed or mailed to Diocesan House. If your deputies and alternates are not on our certified master list, they will not receive a voter ID and Password.

Please let us know….
    1.   If an alternate is taking a deputy’s place at convention.  
                (Contact Mary Anne Clisham at mclisham@dioceseofnj.org)
    2.  If you are a voting member with difficulties in technology and will be unable to login to the convention Zoom meeting. (Contact Mary Anne Clisham at mclisham@dioceseofnj.org)

All Deputies/alternates listed on the Certification Form must also register to attend convention. The registration link for voting members will be emailed directly to each deputy/alternate.

In place of convention packets all materials including the following: Agenda, Rules of Order, The Budget, Constitution and Canons, Resolutions, Nominating Committee Report,  and voting information and materials where applicable will be posted on the diocesan website as they become available.

Convention communications from Diocesan Office will be via electronic means: emails, Good News in the Garden State, and website, unless deemed necessary to print and mail.  Please continue to visit the website for continuing updates as they become available. 


Financials, Statistics and Reports can be found here (as they become available).



Canonical Clergy and Voting Lay Deputies are expected to register according to instructions that will be provided via email. If you do not register in Zoom with the provided link, you will not receive your voter ID and link to join and participate in the Convention.

Licensed Clergy have seat and voice but no vote, and should register using the provided link and by checking off the ‘Licensed Clergy’ box. Licensed Clergy will receive a link to join the meeting, but not a voter ID and should refrain from participating in polls.

All other members – visitors and guests without seat, voice, and vote can view the proceedings via livestream link on YouTube using this link: http://bit.ly/YouTubeDNJ.




Consent Calendar

All items on the Consent Calendar (Document V-1A) will be voted on together unless an item is removed pursuant to Rule IV.3(b) of the Rules of Order (Document 2). Removed items will be taken up for separate deliberation and vote later during the course of the Convention. In order to remove an item, the proposer of the resolution in question must so notify the Secretary of Convention prior to the vote on the Consent Calendar. Alternatively, four members of the Convention must make a request in writing to the Secretary. The email for the Secretary, Canon Paul Ambos, is pambos@ambowslaw.com or, during the Convention itself, care of info@dioceseofnj.org. Finally, the Bishop as President of the Convention can direct removal.”


Pre-Convention Hearings

Pre-Convention Hearings were held via Zoom. View the recordings here.




  • Deadline for registration: TBD
  • Deadline for nominations from the floor: February 26, 2021


Call for Resolutions (deadline has passed)

Proposed Resolutions to be considered at the March 6 Diocesan Convention must be submitted to the Committee on Resolutions by January 15, 2021. Information for submitting resolutions can be found here.


Call for Nominations (deadline has passed)

Call for Nominations Cover Letter

Offices to be filled at Diocesan Convention 2021

Nomination Form (pdf version)

Online Nomination Form