New Global Missions Committee to Coordinate Diocesan Efforts

Contributed by: The Very Rev. Dr. Caroline Carson

New Diocesan Committee: Global Missions Committee

Notice of Opportunity to Join

On Sept. 13 various diocesan Global Mission Committee leaders met with our bishop, the Rt. Rev. Sally French, to discuss a new Global Missions Committee and to hear her vision for Global Missions in the Diocese of New Jersey. We discussed our work and desires to share ideas and to increase awareness, formation, and resources. A recording of that meeting is on this page along with a brief summary and some next steps. If you are very active in this area and would like to join (clergy or lay, please send an email to The Very Rev. Dr. Caroline Carson and attend our next meeting if you can.)  

Our next meeting is Wed., Oct. 25, at 6:00 p.m. via zoom. Join that meeting here (no prior registration required).

JOIN Global Episcopal Mission Network

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Global Goals Task Force Matching Grants

Applications are open now for grants to support your efforts at global ministries. Applications are due Nov. 27. Follow this link to learn more and download the application.

Recording of Sept. 13 Meeting

Meeting Notes

    • Sharing, learning, and growing together
    • Developing formation materials and resources
    • Forming connections and building relationships within our diocese and on the ground in other places where we can live more fully into God’s calling
    • Pilgrimages to various areas
    • Support the ministries we already have with resources, funds, skills, and people
    • Widen the circle and invite people into our work in each area
    • Inform folks about what we are doing
    • Increase access for the wider diocese b/c people don’t always know how they can get involved
    • Increase informal and formal connections
    • Encourage memberships in organizations that focus on Episcopal and worldwide Anglican Global missions
    • Web presence (possibly newsletter for missions quarterly
    • Share our works and stories
    • Widen the conversation around resources and needs: For example other congregations and dioceses that could know about, pray for, and help with Liberia shipping or possible transport and distribution help
    • Realize Anglican Communion connections and expand our conversations
    • Worship in other languages, BCPs providing richness and diversity
    • Global Missions Day or weekend, possibly in Spring 2024 for the diocese
    • Guest speakers (but also raise up experts in our diocese!)
    • Sharing lessons and learnings to be resources as others begin
    • Coordinate efforts
    • Provide resources for learning and engagement

We may not meet monthly, but quarterly instead. One of our immediate goals is to establish a Web presence containing existing small international diocesan support committees and general information. A Global Missions Day (or two) for the spring 2024 is being planned.