Visual Identity Style Guide

The Diocese of New Jersey and the Episcopal Church have developed a set of guidelines to help make our communications more identifiable as belonging together. Churches in the diocese are encouraged to follow these guidelines to ensure that people know we’re all one part of the Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement. This is particularly important when using TEC and diocese logos.

Whenever possible, when using the diocese logo, link to the diocese web site, On your own web site, when practical, include the diocese’s “mission statement”:

We have one purpose: to form people as disciples of Jesus Christ so they can flourish as human beings, alleviate the world’s suffering, and participate in God’s mission of reconciliation.

Downloadable Diocese Logos

All diocese logos may be freely used in print and web applications. All elements of the logos should be clearly visible and legible. This is particularly important when using a transparent logo against a background image.

It is permissible to add a drop shadow behind the logo to make it more visible, but do not change any colors. For specific colors used in the logos, see our Visual Identity Guidelines document

Stacked With Shield. Preferred Diocesan logo. Adobe Illustrator files available by contacting the Canon for Communications

Black type with white background jpeg
Black type with transparent background png
White type with transparent background png

Diocesan Seal Black

Diocesan Seal Color
Transparent png
White Background jpeg

Seal with Bishop’s Miter
Transparent png
White Background jpeg

Old Horizontal Logo (phasing out)
Black type
White type