Standing Commission on Clerical Compensation

Information for 2024

Updated January 8, 2024

The Standing Commission on Clerical Compensation (SCCC) is your Diocesan resource on compensation matters including reporting minimum compensation compliance under Canon 74. Working with congregations to ensure that clergy are adequately, equitably, and correctly compensated, we strive to exemplify the Marks of Mission by assisting clergy and their congregations in Proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom and Teaching, Nurturing and Baptizing New Believers.

The SCCC’s mandate also includes setting policies for Supply Clergy RatesClergy Sabbaticals, and to make its annual recommendation for the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) to missions, parishes and institutions of the Diocese by November 1 of each year. SCCC is recommending to Convention 2024 a cost-of-living increase (COLA) of 3%. Further recommendations include:

    • A 3% Cost of Living Adjustment for clerics’ 2023 Cash Stipend in 2024 if greater than or equal to Base Cash Stipend.
    • Housing subsidy increase from $18,000 to $21,000 for eligible clerics without housing, and housing equity from $2,500 to $2,800 for those with housing starting January 1, 2024.
    • Future years to combine housing subsidy with Cash Stipend for eligible clerics, applying Cost of Living Allowance to the total stipend. Canon 74 revisions facilitated separately.
    • Reset Supply Clergy minimum rates from January 1: $225 for one weekend service, increasing by $100 per additional service; $325 for Holy Week Traduum; $120 for a weekday service; variable rates for weddings and funerals ensuring at least $40 hourly.
    • Deacons under 72 years old must be compensated at least $25/month, eligible for specific CPG benefits. Mandatory annual reporting of Deacon compensation due by March 1. The report form is found on the diocesan website here

To fulfill our mission in the Diocese, the SCCC has created the annual Clergy Compensation Report which details current year compensation and benefits as well as the projection for the subsequent year. New streamlined forms for this report have been developed; recordings of two workshop sessions on the new reports are shown below. See the sidebar for links to the new reports for Full-Time Clergy and for Part-Time Clergy. We have also prepared various examples to assist congregations in completing their reports. PLEASE NOTE that a completed clergy compensation report is mandatory for all congregations, and is a required inclusion in the application for those mission churches seeking funding from the Board of Missions, and the application of any congregation seeking to meet with the Board of Consultation. The report is also required for the Diocesan Benefits Administrator to update pension information with the Church Pension Group.

Questions on compensation matters can be emailed to the SCCC. In addition, ALL completed clergy compensation reports should be submitted as an email attachment to the SCCC.