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darfurblog The Sudan Committee of the Diocese of New Jersey seeks to offer a vibrant and empowering witness on behalf of the Episcopal Church of Sudan in both Sudan and South Sudan, the Christian community of Sudan, and the people of Sudan.

We do so in the spirit of the Baptismal Covenant of the Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church to “seek and serve Christ in all persons,” to “respect the dignity of every human being,” and to “strive for Justice and Peace among All People.”

Over the past five years of our existence, prompted by Episcopal Church and Diocesan resolutions calling for witness on behalf of the people of Darfur, Sudan and the prophetic voice against genocide, oppression and war—and expanding into a witness for the whole of Sudan and especially the new nation of South Sudan—we have offered a sustained voice for justice and peace in Sudan and partnership with the Episcopal Church of Sudan.

We have sponsored Lenten Retreats on African Spirituality, annual African Evensongs, and many workshops and seminars for churches and Diocesan events on behalf of the Episcopal Church of Sudan–and created a scholarship fund for Theological Education, perhaps the primary need of the African Church expressed by so many African Christian leaders—for the Church is often the most stable, life-giving and active voice and “player” in the struggle for human rights in Sudan and indeed, in Africa.

We are pleased to announce, as of November of 2013, we have created a partnership with the Diocese of Wau in South Sudan and Bishop Moses Deng Bol, Bishop of South Sudan—and St. John’s Theological College in the Diocese of Wau in South Sudan for the purpose of partnership for Theological Education and Clergy training. We are now sponsorship three students at St. John’s Theological College—Peter Ngot Achien, the Rev. Santino Opio Madhieu, and Emmanuel Madhang Mayiok—with three full, three year scholarships for complete degree programs with St. John’s Theological College in South Sudan.

The Sudan Committee would desire to sponsor many more students for leadership in the dramatically expanding Episcopal Church of Sudan and Diocese of Wau with thousands of new Christians confirmed and baptized each year and the Church in great need of trained and educated clergy.

We invite all to contribute to the The Sudan Committee Scholarship Fund to aid the Diocese of Wau, Bishop Moses Deng Bol, and St. John’s Theological College. Please write Father Hugh Brown, Chair, Sudan Committee and Rector of All Saint’s Episcopal Church in Princeton at or call him at 609-921-2420 if you would like to contribute or desire more information about the Sudan Committee and our partnership with the Diocese of Wau in South Sudan and the Episcopal Church of Sudan.

Past Events

• Evensong in the African Tradition, 5 November 2013, Trinity Cathedralmbiti

The Diocese of New Jersey and the Sudan/Darfur Committee of our Diocese presented an African Evensong featuring traditional African worship, music, dance, drums and other instruments, attire and the fervent Joy and Praise of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with preacher Dr. John Mbiti. The African Evensong was followed by a marvelous reception featuring African dishes and a visual presentation on theological education in Africa. More photos by Dot Cellini here.

evensong8• Saturday, 16 March 2013 at 10 am-3 pm:  The Experience of God in African Spirituality at All Saints’ Church, Princeton

• In spite of the approaching hurricane, the African Evensong on 28 October 2012 was a an inspiring, spirit-filled event. Performers from Urban Promise and the St. John’s Choirs brought the spirit of Africa to the Cathedral, and Canon Petero Sabune preached a moving sermon affirming the Good News of Africa’s gifts to humanity and the way the Holy Spirit is moving in Sudan and the rest of Africa, even through pain and suffering. retreat4

African Spirituality Retreat, March 2012 featured a day centered in the Daily Office and Holy Communion with African music. Four sessions focused upon worship, meditation, community life, and healing, and the retreat provided witness, advocacy, and prayer for justice for the people of Sudan and South Sudan in this continued time of crisis and war. 

A21G0486• African Evensong: 30  October 2011More than 100 souls braved uninviting weather and joined a spirit-filled service of Evensong in the African tradition at Trinity Cathedral.
A generous sum of $2000 was raised for the Sudan/Darfur Scholarship fund. The fund provides theological education/seminary education for a leader for the Anglican Church of Sudan, and the power and presence of the Christian church in the work of justice, peace and reconciliation.

The afternoon included uplifting music (thanks to Deborah Ford), great preaching (thanks to Canon Petero Sabune), strong support from Bishop Councell, the diocese, volunteer choristers, Dean René John and the people of Trinity Cathedral — and Clara Gregory from Trinity Cathedral, who coordinated the reception, which featured delicious African dishes.

two• On Saturday, 12 March 2011, All Saints Church in Princeton was the site for a day centered in the Daily Office and for a Holy Eucharist with African music, led by three African-born priests in the Diocese of New Jersey. The day focused on worship, meditation, community life, and healing.

• The 17 October 2010 African Evensong was an enormous success! More than 200 people from across the Diocese of New Jersey attended and more than $3000 was raised for the Sudan-Darfur Scholarship Fund.