Youth Ministry

Our goal for youth ministry in the Diocese of New Jersey is to reach a place where young people are fully included, valued and engaged in the work of the diocese, its parishes and its various ministries. Whether a church has one young person or fifty, each of them should be a respected part of the church community whose voice and offering matters.

We want youth to embrace the idea that they are on a journey with Jesus guiding the way, and to be able to articulate what God is doing in their lives and how God can change the lives of others. We want them to recognize that their faith and discipleship offer them the opportunity for abundant life, and to make a lasting commitment to seek it.

We seek to create generations of adults who are living into their discipleship because of the power of the foundation that was built into the identities they formed as young people. We want them to know that no matter the circumstances, their faith will see them through the joys and sufferings of their lives, so that they will remember to turn to it in those moments.