Anti-Racism Ministry

The Anti-Racism Ministry in the Diocese of New Jersey comprises the Anti-Racism Commission, the Anti-Racism Staff and various anti-racism committees and teams developing within parishes.

You may have heard about the Commission and the Staff, but may have questions about what those groups are, what they do, and what is the difference between the Commission and the Staff.  In a nutshell, the Commission is a supervisory body that creates vision, determines goals, and oversees the activities of the Staff.  This includes stewardship of funds and support for Staff activities, such as anti-racism training, parish workshops, convocation presentations, diocesan conferences, and youth events.

The work of the Anti-Racism Ministry is to share a robust analysis of institutional racism widely to build the Beloved Community in the Diocese of New Jersey.


The Anti-Racism Commission

  • was created as the “Racism Committee” by 1996 diocesan convention resolution, subsequently commissioned and renamed, has functioned continuously since 1996, and has received diocesan funding since 2000
  • is a Bishop-authorized body of 12 persons with special knowledge, experience, and skills pertaining to organizing against racism
  • consists of 6 persons appointed by the Black Clergy Caucus, 2 appointments by the Hispanic Commission, and 4 by the Bishop (The Black Clergy Caucus, Hispanic Commission, and Bishop may appoint persons of any race.)
  • collaborates with contractors to provide 2.5-day anti-racism training retreats for the diocese, organizes full day biennial conferences, oversees activities of the Anti-Racism Staff, manages diocesan anti-racism budget for these items
  • meets monthly, reports monthly to Diocesan Council, and reports annually to diocesan convention
  • All Commission members are also active members of the Staff and attend and support almost every 2.5-day anti-racism training session.

The Anti-Racism Staff

  • consists of all persons who have completed at least one 2.5-day anti-racism training session
  • lists more than 200 people as members who choose to remain involved in organizing against racism and Staff tasks
  • develops trained facilitators to present introductory anti-racism workshops to parishes
  • organizes quarterly meetings and diocesan forums on current racial justice issues

We offer congregations a variety of formats that range from a 90-minute orientation to a full-day workshop, which can be customized to meet a congregation’s needs. These trainings are designed to help members live into the baptismal covenant of respecting the dignity of every individual.

For more information and to join us, please email Ted Moore or Carrie Hayes.