Faith at Home

Lifelong Christian Formation

The Diocese of New Jersey is committed to providing resources for all ages and stages
in the journey of followers of Jesus Christ. While many of us are accustomed to
programming for gathered, traditional faith formation in our churches, we know that faith
must be present and practiced in the home in order to be fully realized. Individuals and
families are often unsure of practicing faith in their homes, and may feel ill equipped and
uncertain. It is our ministry as individuals, congregational leaders, and disciples to
engage people of all ages in relationship with Jesus; equip people, by resourcing and
modeling faith practices, empower people, by giving them space and permission to
become disciples of Christ, and encourage people, by walking with them in their faith

Faith at Home

Faith formation that is rooted in the life of the home and family is much more likely to stick than anything we teach once a week (or month) at church. The idea of making the home the primary place of faith formation is an old/new idea. Jesus models it for us throughout the New Testament, teaching most often outside the religious buildings. We offer a variety of resources to equip you and your family to walk with God on a daily basis.


Disciples of All Ages and Stages

Faith formation is a lifelong journey for each Christian, from the cradle to the grave and all points in between. Opportunities for building our faith and becoming more intentional disciples of Jesus Christ arise at many different points along our journey, some shared, and some on our own. God finds us wherever we are—find a starting point and explore!

For Congregational Leaders

Throughout the Diocese of New Jersey, many dedicated leaders—ordained and lay leaders alike–work to engage, empower, encourage, and equip people in their faith journeys of discipleship. Through the Lifelong Christian Formation Committee (LCFC) and other groups, the Diocese of New Jersey is here to support these leaders by offering resources, best practices, and opportunities to gather virtually and in-person throughout the year in order to live out their ministry of formation.

Forming Faith in our Diocese

Formation can occur at any time and any place. The Diocese of New Jersey is pleased to offer several excellent formation resources for individuals, families, small groups, and parishes. These include opportunities for gathered formation, resources for individual faith practices, and videos and other recordings. 
We’re here to answer questions, celebrate victories, and share struggles. This ministry in the Diocese of New Jersey includes lay and clergy leaders of a variety of interests and experience. Contact us.