What’s Next in the Bishop Search Process?

Contributed by: Bishop Search and Nomination Committee

Now that nominations are closed what happens next?

Back when the Bishop Search and Nomination process began, many on the committee felt that it was a stretch to believe that the profile could be completed by Easter and the nominations opened. With a great deal of hard work on the party of many this was completed, and the profile was circulated on Easter Monday. While some have no doubt wondered if we would receive candidates, many have heeded the call and we are pleased to share that indeed, a good many folks have put in their nominations.

Nominations closed on May 9, and now the bishop search process will enter a quiet stage, where the committee members will do their work of discernment with the candidates that have applied. The process will culminate at the end of October when the slate of candidates will be put forth by the committee and the nomination by petition process begins. But don’t take the silence from the committee to mean that important work isn’t taking place; this is a critical time in the process.

Please continue to check Good News in the Garden State, where we will be sharing more information about the process and even participating in some fun activities to keep us all engaged. For the summer, the Education and Communication Committee will be distributing “Mitre on the Move” materials to the deans for distribution to the parishes. This will be a children’s project that will allow children to make a bishop’s mitre, and then take photos of it in fun places—vacations, summer camps, etc. Parents will be encouraged to submit photos for us to use on the Diocesan website and other social media platforms.

As we enter this time of discernment, the committee asks that you keep us, and the candidates, and the Diocese in your prayers! The following prayer was written by The Rev. Dr. Maria B. Sanzo, Chaplain of the Bishop Search and Nomination Committee.

A prayer for support and confidence in our Search Committee

Most gracious God you have blessed this church with the liberty to select our leadership under your guidance and care. Bless the Search Committee that we have chosen, give them discerning hearts, open minds, and quiet reflection time as they consider the nominations for our next bishop. Keep us mindful of their work throughout the weeks to come and let give us patience and confidence that your desire for our diocese will be made known to us.

More information on the bishop search process can be found here:

Thank you for your support at this special time!