Walk “El Camino de Santiago” with Other Episcopalians

Camino Ingles de Santiago Pilgrimage

The Camino de Santiago, also known as The Way of Saint James, are a number of traditional routes that pilgrims walk in Spain from the Pyrennes ending in the city of Santiago. It is a time of simplicity, devotion, and prayer that is still walked by thousands every year.

Members of St. Andrew’s in New Providence plan to make this pilgrimage in October 2024, and they are inviting others in the diocese to walk with them.

The trip will follow the Camino Ingles de Santiago, or the “English Way” traditionally taken by pilgrims from England who arrive in Spain by sea.

The pilgrimage begins in Ferrol and ends in Santiago. The route is 72 miles and can be walked in five days. Total cost will be approximately $3,000 including airfare, lodging (with private bath), most meals, and daily luggage transfer (so you don’t even have to wear a backpack!).

Interested?  Email Fr. Daniel with subject line: “Camino Ingles”

The scalloped seashell image (both traditional and modern) mark the route, and many pilgrims wear the image to identify themselves to one another

In the 2011 film, The Way, Martin Sheen walks El Camino de Santiago on a spiritual pilgrimage