Webinar to Help Guide our Journey into Reparations

Contributed by: Reparations Taskforce - Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey

Recording of the Sept. 28 Webinar

The Diocese of New Jersey has established a Reparations Task Force to study how we as a diocese may address the original sins of racism and slavery. New Jersey was central to the slave trade in America, and many of our churches were established and supported directly or indirectly by the institution of slavery. The Task Force was established at our annual convention.

Assistant Professor Kendra Boyd, Rutgers University
Digital Archivist Jesse Bayker, Rutgers University

As part of ongoing education for members of the Reparations Taskforce and the Diocese of New Jersey we hosted a panel discussion via Zoom entitled “Journeying Towards Reparations II.”

The panel featured Assistant Professor Kendra Boyd and Digital Archivist Jesse Bayker both from Rutgers University who will share with us their knowledge of the African American racial history within New Jersey as developed through their research and publications at Rutgers University.

The panel presentation was Tuesday, September 28 at 7:00 pm. The Reverend Charles Wynder Jr. was moderator for an hour-long conversation followed by questions from the attendees.

For further information please contact the Co-Conveners below:

Canon Annette Buchanan, Co-Convener, Reparations Taskforce

Canon Barbie Bach, Co-Convener, Reparations Taskforce

Canon Noreen Duncan, Co-Convener, Reparations Taskforce