Trans Day of Remembrance

Contributed by: Fr Scott Russell (he, him, his)

November 20th, the Trans Day of Remembrance (aka “TDOR”) is a day to memorialize those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia, especially those murdered in the last year. It is also intended to draw attention to the continued violence and discrimination endured by trans people. It marks the end of Trans Awareness Week, observed from November 13th to November 19th annually. There is a week of programming here at Rutgers, New Brunswick, including a Vigil on 11/17 where I will be speaking and repenting of our blindness and inaction in the face of transphobic violence and murder. You will find liturgical materials prepared by Trinity, Asbury Park, that you may use in worship next Sunday, when many parishes will be observing TDOR. Let’s use this day to recommit ourselves to respecting the dignity of every human being, especially our trans siblings, by working against all forms of violence, fear, and hate directed toward them.

Trinity, Asbury Park is also hosting a vigil along with Equality NJ on Saturday 11/20 at 4 pm. All are welcome

Suggestions for Prayers

Trans Remembrance Sunday, 11/21/21

Prayers of the People

We come today, representing all the majesty of creation

Diverse and beautiful, blessed and beloved, all made in the image of the Creator of all things

We come today, called to this time and this place by an infinite God.

Who hears our cries and responds with love and mercy.

We come today: Transgender, Nonbinary, Bisexual, Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Intersex, Gay, Queer, Ally

We come today, knowing you will listen and answer our needs.

We come today to deliver our joined prayers of hope.

We come today, a people mourning still our losses, still recovering from the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic and the pandemic of institutionalized racism, heterosexism, and sexism that has plagued our world for too many centuries.

We come today, knowing you care for us

We come today, knowing that even when others reject us, your arms are open to offer comfort. We come. Declaring the Sanctity of Life and the Dignity of All

(written by Kimi Floyd Reisch, ONA Program Minister, UCC Open and Affirming Coalition)

Download a pdf of these prayers