Training Program Available for Serving Spanish-Speaking Congregations

Choir from San Andreas in Camden playing at the Consecration of Bishop Sally French

Training for English-Speakers Leading Spanish Services

Thursday September 7, 2023
9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
In-Person at Diocesan House
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Don’t speak Spanish?  Learn how to say the service in Spanish phonetically.

You will leave this training with all the resources you need to lead a Eucharist service in Spanish (Prayer A).

Open to all clergy, even if you do not currently have ministry in Spanish at your Church.

Any questions, please contact the Canon for Hispanic Ministries, The Rev. Canon Ramon Ubiera at, or the President of the Hispanic Coalition, The Rev. Canon Joan Mason at

Spanish-Speaking Congregations

Spanish-Language Ministries in the Diocese of New Jersey

English-only clergy who wish to serve Spanish-speaking congregations are invited to a September workshop from the Diocese of New Jersey to train non-Spanish speakers to present Episcopal liturgy in Spanish.

The Episcopal Church has been increasing Spanish-speaking ministries to meet the growing needs of Spanish-speaking members. With a growing Hispanic population, the demand for such services has been rising steadily and places a growing responsibility on the church to provide culturally-relevant and effective services.

In recent years, the Episcopal Church has seen a marked increase in the number of Hispanic/Latino members, many of whom are first-generation immigrants. As a result, these members often speak limited English and seek out churches that provide services in Spanish. This demographic shift has made the Episcopal Church more aware of the need to expand ministries to serve the growing Hispanic/Latino population.

The Episcopal Church has responded to this need by developing culturally-relevant and inclusive communities. This has included the introduction of Spanish-language services, Spanish-language worship materials, and bilingual clergy. The church also established a Hispanic/Latino ministry outreach program in 2010, which works to connect Hispanic/Latino members with the larger Episcopal Church community.

The Episcopal Church has also taken steps to ensure that its Spanish-speaking members have access to the same quality resources and assistance as those who speak English. This includes providing Spanish-language resources on its website, developing Spanish-language materials for Christian education, and providing Spanish-language support to Spanish-speaking congregants.

In addition, the Episcopal Church has taken strides to involve Hispanic/Latino members in the larger church community. This includes providing Spanish-language leadership training, hosting bilingual conferences, and engaging in community outreach. Such initiatives have helped create a sense of belonging and community among Spanish-speaking members of the Episcopal Church.

The growing importance of Spanish-speaking members in the Episcopal Church has led to an increase in ministries designed to serve them. This includes Spanish-language worship, Christian education, and outreach programs. Such programs have helped the Episcopal Church to create an inclusive and culturally-relevant community of faith.

Ultimately, the growing presence of Spanish-speaking members of the Episcopal Church has created an opportunity for the church to better serve its members by expanding its ministries to serve them. By providing Spanish-language resources, bilingual clergy, and community outreach programs, the church can better serve this demographic group and create a welcoming and inclusive community of faith.

For more information on how your congregation can welcome and serve the growing, vibrant community of Spanish-speaking Episcopalians, contact at the Rev. Canon Ramon Ubiera. Canon Missioner for Hispanic Ministries.

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