Town Hall Discusses Bishop Election, Incident at Trinity Asbury Park, Other Important Issues

Lay leaders from throughout the diocese meet for an open forum and to discuss common issues.

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Meetings are usually held the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. In March, the meeting will be one week later than usual—on March 9—to allow us to discuss the results of the Diocesan Convention on March 4.


  1. Bishop Stokes Comments
    1. Episcopal Election
    2. Budget Notes
    3. Incident at Trinity Asbury Park
  2. Refugees Resettlement Task Force
  3. ECS-NJ
  4. Reparations Commission
  5. Anti-Racism Commission
  6. Discipleship Conference
  7. Ashes to Go
  8. Diocesan Web Translations
  9. Financial Updates
  10. Open Forum
  11. Compline