The Rev. Phyllis Spiegel Elected Bishop of Utah

In its electing convention on Saturday, April 30, the Diocese of Utah elected The Rev. Phyllis Spiegel, rector of St. Anne Episcopal Church, West Chester, Ohio, as their next bishop.  Her consecration is scheduled for September 17 at the historic Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City.

The Rev. Canon Dr. Rob Droste, Diocese of New Jersey’s Canon for Congregational Development and Mission, was a finalist in the election, and offered his congratulations:

“Karla and I offer our heartfelt prayers and congratulations to Bishop-elect Spiegel,” Droste said. “It’s been a privilege to get to know her these past few months; I have every expectation that the Diocese of Utah will thrive from her strong spiritual presence and serious leadership skills. The experience of running for bishop is unlike any other ministry experience I’ve ever had. I am grateful to all who have been so supportive through a grueling process. Most of all, I’m glad to be able to move full-speed back into my wonderful job here in New Jersey, with all of its extraordinary people.”