Summer Stewardship Series: How to Recognize & Thank

Contributed by: Shirley and Father William Thompson, Project Resource

This is the fifth in a series of emails provided by the Project Resource Team to support your summer Stewardship planning.

“Giving thanks for all that is being done to further the gospel one Steward at a time.”


“Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and do good works, not neglecting to meet together… but encouraging one another.” (Hebrews 10:24).   “For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required.” (Luke 12:48).

Our congregations across the Diocese consist of so many members with varieties of gifts, but with the same Spirit (I Corinthians 12:4).   We are God’s stewards, entrusted by Him with time and opportunities, abilities and possessions, and the blessings of the earth and its resources.

These members share valuable time, talent, and treasure. Thus, it’s worth appreciating one’s ability to share his/her time, talent, and treasure.


Parishioner of the Month Program
A fantastic way to acknowledge and thank members of your congregation for the wonderful time, talent, and treasure that they are contributing is through a regularly scheduled recognition program.

Parishioner of the Month (or Quarter) can be an exciting and fun way to acknowledge faithful stewards in our congregations, and is a great tool.

Your Stewardship Committee, along with others identified, can serve as the group deciding who is being recognized and for what. A variety of activities or services recognized is highly recommended.

At our church, St. Augustine’s in Asbury Park, we have recognized:

  • Someone who volunteered to do a special clean up project around the church
  • Someone who did something incredibly special to help with Coffee hour
  • Someone who just stepped in to help
  • Someone who is always there doing God’s work
  • A young person who helped or did something special
  • Someone who donated to meet a financial need
  • Someone who loves the church and does special things that no one else does

The aforementioned are just a few examples of special recognition.
There are many other methods for demonstrating sincere thanksgiving.  Even small tokens of gratitude mean so much and their impact cannot be underestimated.


Special letters can be sent to members who have contributed financially to a special project, or contributed their time and/or talent as well.  A great way to acknowledge someone’s generosity is with a special Stewardship Thank You Card.


A small committee of members (no more than 3 to 4 members, depending on the size of your congregation) can be established to make regular calls to members throughout the year.  Phone calls and or home visits would be directed towards finding out  how members are doing, where the church can assist them, and to thank them for their continued support.  Be sure to check in with families with children.

Discussing with members how important their individual time, talent and treasures are is most important during your annual stewardship campaign season.  If your church has a Robo Call announcement system, during your Steward Campaign, a Weekly Thank You can be added at the end of the call.

Finally, during a Vestry Minute update to the congregation (which might be done on a quarterly basis), a general Thank You to the congregation – or to a specific member – can be made.


It is so important to celebrate moments of stewardship and to share (through reports, newsletters, etc.) the impact of stewardship.  During your annual giving campaign, here are some results you may wish to report upon.

The Parishioner of the Month can be celebrated during your regular church service, or the Stewardship Committee may want to identify a special Sunday where recognition can occur.  A Certificate of Recognition for a member’s service is a wonderful addition to this Program.

We will let you in on a little secret, make the recognition a surprise.  It creates a real moment of excitement for the entire congregation.  Names of those selected throughout the year may be added to the Honor Roll, and included in the Church weekly bulletin, newsletter, Annual Report and posted on the church website.  If you have a Stewardship Bulletin Board, names and photos of those recognized can be placed there for all to see.


Your members are surprised, honored, and humbled to be recognized for serving. They truly are examples of Stewardship.

The Project Resource Team is here to help.   Do you have a quick question for us?  Would you like to have a One-on-One Meeting?   If you would like to have a Project Resource Team member visit with your Stewardship Chair, Team, or Vestry, please contact us at

Enjoy these remaining warm summer days.


Together in Christ,

Shirley and Father William+

Project Resource:
The Stewardship Commission of the Diocese of New Jersey