St. Barnabas’-by-the-Bay, Villas—Congregation Profile

Contributed by: Nicola Wynnefield, St. Barnabas, Vllas

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St. Barnabas is proud of the  development and expansion of technical abilities to provide online church services to our church community, and beyond to other churches and communities: extending our ministry to other areas, states and countries. In addition to our Sunday Worship, we have offered Compline and Evening Prayer services. We have overcome the challenges of the pandemic to educate and keep communities connected with each other via Zoom meetings/events and Facebook. Also, this offered our church officers and congregation to connect with the diocese and other churches. On returning to in-person worship, we to offered livestream services to our community of worshipers in their homes or elsewhere, and plan to continue for the foreseeable future.

St. Barnabas-by-the-Bay, Villas, NJ

The St. Barnabas Cares Food Pantry continues to be self-sustaining, vital ministry offering food and household needs to the community. The pantry has remained open to serve it’s guests throughout the pandemic. The all-volunteer staff rose to the challenges of the pandemic, adapting to the diocesan RRR regulations, and to those of our own Covid-19 Safety Task Team. Bags of provisions, continue to be pre-packed and distributed from the church door in a safe and sanitary manner. Pantry volunteers reached out beyond the local community of guests, to others in need, and provided Shop Rite gift cards to augment the usual provisions. In our socio-economically challenged area, it is exciting and rewarding to support this vital ministry.

The St. Barnabas Cares Clothing Thrift Store has remained open, only closing for the first few months of Covid-19. The volunteers, overcame the challenges of the pandemic: maintaining Covid-19 safety regulations; offering a needed safe place to find low cost ($1 to $5 per item) good quality apparel during a pandemic. The store manager and volunteers continue to reach out to victims of disasters and those in extreme financial need: free clothing is offered to victims of fires; coupons given to guests of our Food Pantry; free apparel for job interviewees. The store continues to be self-sufficient and provides small contributions to the St. Barnabas. This ministry’s main focus is to provide a service of affordable and quality apparel to all. The manager reaches out to people from our church, other churches and the community to bring a group of volunteers together to serve this ministry.

Our Mission: Folks at Saint Barnabas are a friendly group, an outgoing group, a group happy to welcome you into our church family. The members of Saint Barnabas by-the-Bay Church emphasize that, as a Christian community, we welcome all who seek to know and serve our Lord Jesus Christ in their spiritual journey. We welcome every person, without regard to age, race, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, physical ability, mental ability, spiritual background, past sins, addictions, financial resources, and so on. Just as Jesus does, Saint Barnabas Church welcomes everyone.

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