Spreading the News about our Bishop Search

Contributed by: Bishop Search and Nomination Committee

There are several ways to find information about the bishop search. Come to Know Your Story and click the “Election of Bishop” keyword; visit the or find us on Facebook!

As we draw closer to the opening of applications on April 18, we’re getting more and more excited about spreading the word of our Bishop’s Search! The Sub-Committee on Search and Independent Nominations has been busy putting together some talking points about our diocese, and some ideas about how we can most effectively reach out to folks we know (or know of) who can help get the word out, or who may be interested in being nominated as a candidate.

If you’re a clergyperson, we ask that you contact your seminary friends (and seminary administration if you know them), colleagues in other dioceses, and friends you may have made at clergy conferences or workshops.

If you’re a layperson, we ask you to put our information out on the social media channels to which you have access.

The best way we have to effectively share our news is with joy and enthusiasm! We love being here, and we’re excited about our search process!

The profile will be published, and nominations will be opened on Monday, April 18. We’ll accept nominations through May 9, so we only have a few weeks to gather up the bulk of our candidates. Please help us share the joy and excitement we’re all feeling as we await our next steps!

More information about the process and profile will be coming out shortly. Please watch for it. We will be posting ideas for how you can help us reach out and spread the word!

It’s an exciting time in the Diocese of NJ!