Seminar Beginning Sunday Delves Into the Breadth of Servant Ministries

Contributed by: The Rev. Genevieve Bishop, Director of the NJ School for Ministry

The online Episcopal Servant Ministries seminar will invite you to new or deeper appreciation for the breadth of servant ministries in the Episcopal Church. You will look at the four orders of ministry with fresh eyes, and you will nudge your understanding of the roles of lay persons, deacons, priests, and bishops in fresh directions. We will explore your spiritual gifts and how your gifts support the orders of ministry. After 3 sessions, you just might re-discover some of the wisdom and beauty of the Episcopal church.

This seminar is open to all—whether currently lay or ordained—and is required of those who feel called either to ordained ministry or some of the lay ministries licensed under Title III Canon 4 (Lay Worship Leaders, Lay Preachers, Lay Catechists, Lay Evangelists, Lay Pastoral Leaders). Registration is limited to 15 persons. You must register for and attend all 3 sessions. If you need to take this seminar but cannot attend on these dates, please email NJ School for Ministry and provide your contact information.

Session Dates & Times
Attendance at all three sessions is required for completion

Sunday, Feb. 12, 1:30–3:30
Sunday, Feb. 19, 1:30–3:30
Saturday, Feb. 25, 1:30–3:30

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