Prepare for Holy Week with “What is Lent” Video Series

“What is Palm Sunday,” Episode 5 in the “What is Lent?” series, looks at the “liturgical whiplash” from triumph to death that is Palm Sunday.

Holy Week—the final seven days of Lent, beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with Holy Saturday—is just over a week away. As you and your family prepare mentally and spiritually for a week that can be exhausting, spiritual, and deeply rewarding, consider learning more about the traditions, practices, and beliefs around this period of solemnity and preparation. In our “What is Lent” video series, join clergy from the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey for simple, straightforward discussion of the days of Lent. Find answers to questions like “What does ‘Maundy’ mean?”; “Where is God, and what is God Doing on Holy Saturday?”;  and “Why is Good Friday ‘good’?”

Video topics include:

  1. What is Shrove Tuesday?
  2. What is Ash Wednesday?
  3. What is Ashes to Go?
  4. What is Lent?
  5. What is Palm Sunday?
  6. What is Maundy Thursday?
  7. What is Good Friday?
  8. What is the Easter Vigil?
  9. What is Holy Saturday?

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