Manny Strauss Retires from Diocese after 15 Years

After 15 years on the diocesan staff, Business Manager Emmanuel (Manny) Strauss is retiring on Monday, May 23. Bishop Stokes and his wife Susan hosted a celebratory lunch for Strauss at their Trenton home on May 18, with most diocesan staff members in attendance.

Struss joined the diocese in 2008 with experience in programming and finance, and with an interest in photography. He processes all funds received by or disbursed from the Diocese.

The event held at the Stokes home featured a celebration of Strauss, his tireless work for the diocese, his attention to detail, and his off-beat humor. Staff gave the former New York City cab driver a yellow taxi hat, and then filled it with terrible jokes that they took turns reading. Strauss is well known throughout the diocese for his love of jokes he finds funny. Whether or not anyone else does is a matter of some debate.

Strauss’ last work day is Monday. That same evening, he and his wife will be flying to France for a retirement trip.