Indigenous Peoples’ Day at Trinity, Asbury Park: October 11 at Noon

Contributed by: Trinity Church Asbury Park

Indigenous Peoples’ Day Celebration at Trinity, Asbury Park October 11, 2021, 12 pm

The Racial Justice Project at Trinity Church , Asbury Park, invites you to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2021, now an officially recognized holiday by the City of Asbury Park and the Diocese of New Jersey!

In 2020, The Racial Justice Project at Trinity (RJP) successfully petitioned The City of Asbury Park to officially recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Also in 2021, the Convention of the Diocese of New Jersey passed a resolution proposed by the RJP for the whole diocese to recognize and celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The second Monday of October each year is an internationally recognized day of celebration to recognize and honor the resistance, heritage, cultures, and valuable contributions of Indigenous People, the original occupants and stewards of the land of Turtle Island (the United States). It is also a day to work for justice, remembering the great sins of settler colonialism, land theft, and genocide that the United States has and continues to perpetuate towards Indigenous people.

Special Guests:

Claire Garland, Director of Sand Hill Indian Historical Association
Members of the Ramapough Lenape Nation

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