Important Church Health Insurance Information for 2022

There will be no changes to the health insurance plans offered to clergy and lay employees in 2022. The PPO 100 level plans remain the standard plan for which the employer must pay the full premium. Clergy and Lay Employees scheduled to work at least 1500 hours per year cannot be charged any portion of the insurance premiums. Information about the plans and the new premium costs have been posted on our Human Resources page. Annual Enrollment begins on Oct. 14.

The Church Pension Group is changing retiree health insurance from a Medicare Supplement plan to a Group Medicare Advantage plan. Information about the new plan can be found here. All retirees who are currently enrolled in a Medicare Supplement through CPG will automatically be enrolled in the premium level Group Medicare Advantage plan. An information session with our Diocesan Benefits Administrator is being held via Zoom on October 13 at the regularly scheduled get-together of retired clergy and spouses.

Contact Pat Hawkins, Diocesan Benefits Administrator for more information.