St. John’s, Maple Shade–Congregation Profile

Contributed by: Christina Crowthers, St. John's, Maple Shade

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We are an experimental Church for the Diocese of N. J. who’s full focus is on ministry, not maintenance!!

We moved from our old “falling apart” church building which sat on a secluded back street for120 years, to the center of town on Main Street. Our new visibility provides for a perfect opportunity to be Jesus on Main Street. Hence our new name “The New St. John’s”

Now, instead of fixing our ramp or replacing our roof we use our funds for free services to our community. We have 3 certified coaches and are providing the community with the opportunity to obtain free spiritual life coaching, We put up a community prayer box outside our front door, we started a “D-Group” an internal discipleship group with a teaching and open conversation at sermon time. At this time we chart our progress as disciples in the 5 points of the way Jesus Christ lived and taught. We chart acts of kindness, participation, Holy Spirit given ideas. We look at the areas of the 5 points and work on our weakest on that chart to try and make a well round disciple in all 5 areas. We are disciples and messengers for our Lord Jesus Christ and want to help others become the same. This actually help each of us personally it helps us grow in our own relationship with Jesus Christ and with each other. This is needed if we are going to help others.

We are excited to be the first church in our diocese to host a ” Celebrate Recovery Meeting ” in which the church uses the 12 step program AND THE BIBLE to help those recover from anything that has left a scar on their heart by using the healing power of Jesus Christ, These scars, when removed, can open up a new pathway for the Trinity. The Holy Spirit for guidance, a way of living in Jesus Christ and fulfilling Gods mission of reconciliation as ambassadors for Christ. These are just some of the ministry’s that we are all involved in. We will always be building on the rock of salvation. Whole heartedly forever🙏

Our Mission: We are Disciples of Jesus Christ looking for sinners in the name of Jesus Christ to be reconciled to God on behalf of Jesus Christ through the Eucharist, Reconciliation between each other, Acts of love and kindness and Penitence.

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