Good News Moves to Wednesdays

Contributed by: Steve Welch, Canon for Communications

Good News in the Garden State, the weekly Enewsletter of the Diocese of New Jersey, now publishes on Wednesdays rather than Fridays. Events and stories for publication must be submitted by Tuesday at noon to be included in that week’s publication.

This change is designed to give better advanced notice of weekend activities in the diocese and also accommodate the publishing schedules of the many parish newsletters that are sent on Thursdays or Fridays.

The newsletter, available by free subscription and on the diocesan website’s Good News in the Garden State page, will continue to include all the features our readers love:

Tips for Telling Your Story

Good News in the Garden State publishes events and articles from individual churches and members of interest to the wider church. When you submit yours, these tips can be valuable:

    • Focus more on people than on things. It’s great that you collected money for a cause, but who are you helping? Why do they need help? Who decided to help and what does that mean for them? What do they have to say?
    • An event is not a story. Submit events to our calendar; submit stories to Know Your Story.
    • Use photos, not flyers. Your flyer can be valuable for promoting your event, especially when posted on a bulletin board. But on the web, we need your words and pictures more than a flyer. Show us people more than places or things. Write out everything that’s included in your flyer, so that screen readers and search engines can capture your text.
    • Tips for good photos. Cover photos (sometimes called feature photos) for stories and events should be horizontal, rather than vertical, using dimensions of 16:9 or a size of 1200×628. Vertical photos are great too, but without at least one horizontal photo, the cover photo can be distorted. Again, show us people. People tell the story. 

If you have questions or need help, reach out to Steve Welch, Canon for Communications via email.

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