Episcopal Church Evangelism Office Releases New ‘Centered’ Discipleship Resource

Introductory video on the new program from the Episcopal Church Office of Evangelism, “Centered: A Christian Discipleship Experience”


Note: Spanish and French translations will be posted here.

The Episcopal Church Office of Evangelism announces a new small-group resource for churches and individuals seeking to go deeper in relationship with Jesus and in loving and serving others.

“Centered: A Christian Discipleship Experience” is a digital, nine-session resource—available in English and coming soon in French and Spanish—for church members, neighbors, and friends to explore in small, gathered communities. Learn more.

t is the latest in a series of discipleship resources created by the evangelism office that include “Way of Love for Small Groups” and “Embracing Evangelism,” among others.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry introduced Centered during his July 8 sermon at the church’s 80th General Convention in Baltimore, noting it offers practice in “de-centering self and enthroning Christ at the center of our lives.”

“It’s not enough to be The Episcopal Church,” he said. “We need to be the Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement. We don’t need to make more Church-ians; we need to make more Christians.”

The Centered series includes an initial three-session training for small group leaders, followed by nine core sessions, which focus on the themes listed below. Groups are encouraged to meet for a meal and prayer, then watch a short film and discuss related questions about God, belonging, and living a meaningful life.

  • Session 1: Meeting Jesus and each other
  • Session 2: Meeting Jesus and sharing life in small groups
  • Session 3: Following Jesus as a way of life
  • Session 4: Loving God like Jesus does
  • Session 5: Loving neighbors and strangers like Jesus does
  • Session 6: Loving other disciples like Jesus does
  • Session 7: Loving ourselves like Jesus does
  • Session 8: Creating a sustainable Rule of Life
  • Session 9: Looking and acting like Jesus—together

“Our desire in creating Centered is to support small groups of people who want to grow and help each other as they intentionally follow Jesus and his way of love,” said Jerusalem Greer, staff officer for evangelism.