Diocesan Reparations Commission Making the Case for Reparations

Commission Retreat participants, June 8, 2024: Dr. J. Pruszinski, W. Coleman, Cn. B. Bach, Rev. S. Sutton, Rev. P. Shoaf-Kozak, Cn. A. Buchanan, Rev. Cn. C. Sang, Rev. B. Rauen Sciaino, J. Gloster, Bishop S. French, J. Rodriguez (photo).

The Reparations Commission, co-chaired by Canon Annette Buchanan and Canon Barbie Bach, is actively making the case for reparations in the Garden State. Recent Commission events included the second Stations of Reparations Service at St. Augustine’s, Asbury Park in March (, a “Journey Toward Reparations” webinar in April (, and lobbying efforts at the State House in May and June in support of bills A602/S3164 to establish a state task force to study the case for reparations for slavery. Commission efforts are ongoing to uncover and share the history of congregations in the diocese, preserve of the oral histories of African American Episcopalians, and solicit the needs of historically Black congregations. The Commission would be happy to visit your church to preach or present in support of your racism research and reparative initiatives. For a more detailed update see:


Contact: Cn. Annette Buchanan (email); Cn. Barbie Bach (email); Dr. Jolyon Pruszinski (email).

Submitted by: Jolyon Pruszinski, M.Div., Ph.D., Reparations Commission Research Historian