“May Way of Love” Inventory Deadline Extended

My Way of Love Intro from Bishop Stokes

Setting a goal to reach 1,000 respondents by Nov. 13, the Lifelong Christian Formation Committee has extended the deadline for every adult in the diocese to complete the My Way of Love spiritual inventory.

The My Way of Love spiritual inventory is a series of confidential, challenging, and thought-provoking questions based on the most comprehensive and statistically valid data from RenewalWorks, which works with full congregations to help them refocus on spirituality and discipleship. Your responses to a few simple questions will help identify broad characteristics of your spiritual life, give you a reflection of where you are right now, and then offer you a plan of action to grow in your discipleship and spiritual life.

Our common purpose as a diocese is to form people as disciples of Jesus When you—and all of us—take the My Way of Love inventory this month, you’ll have an opportunity to reflect on your spiritual life and formation, and to grow spiritually.

In addition, our diocese will get a picture of where we are, as a whole, in forming ourselves as disciples of Jesus—pictured as a process of exploring, growing, deepening, and centering in our relationship with Jesus.

Please, take a few moments right now to complete this inventory for yourself and for our diocese.

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